Independence Day? The 4th of July Celebration? A Biblical Perspcetive…..

Politics and Patriotism ways that people participate in this world beast system. To any of the governments of man, We (The Israel of Promise) pledge no loyalty but remain politically neutral. We reserve our loyalty and service for the Kingdom of YEHOVAH. This Kingdom of YEHOVAH is the only Government truly founded by YEHOVAH, and it is in the process of being permanently established in and on the Earth. This Kingdom of Yehovah is the Promised Restoration of Israel, wherein Yehovah is the King over all the Universe, the Mashiyach Yehoshua is the King of Israel, and the Ancient Prophets of Old ( Daniel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Moshe…) will be Princes in all the Earth (Psalms 45:16) We are warned through the prophets of upcoming events that will shake the world and bring an end to the present world beast system. However The Kingdom of Yehovah that is at hand will last forever and bring blessings to all who desire righteousness.. shalom!

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