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A Message for the Servants of the Kingdom Part 2 (Kingdom Road show 7-21-17)

Shalom everyone!  This is  Part 2 of “A Message for the Servants of the Kingdom”,  Joseph Israel is joined by Mark Manning of www.messengerofthename.com. We discus what does the Teaching ” Seek first the Kingdom of Elohim and His Righteousness”…. mean ? (Matthew 6:33) What would this mean to the ancient Yehudim, what does it mean to us as people of faith today today? Enjoy


Romans 10 and 11 Chapter study 2016

This weeks Study cover the promise of Restoration of Israel Promised by YAHWEH.  This is a foundation Teaching for YAHWEH’S People the Israel of Promise. The Messiah Yahshua (Yahushua/Yehoshua)  is in the process of fulling and bringing to a full completion the Words of the Father, as given to Israel in the Torah and the Prophets. We live in a beautiful time of fulfillment. Please feel free to comment and ask questions. Also express freely your desire for more knowledge.  The book of Romans is a letter from the mighty scripture teacher and Apostle of the Messiah Shaul (Paul). We pray these Teachings bring upliftment and upbuilding to all who hear.

Romans 10 (Audio


Romans 11 (Audio)