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Revelations 20:1-3 and more

In this study we consider the prophecy in the midst of fulfillment Revelations 20:1-3. Then we take a deep look at what the scriptures really teach concerning satan, The Satan, the devil, and much more. Religious theories and long held superstitions will fade away in the light of the Scripture Truth. enjoy

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I Will Show You the Bride, The Lamb’s Wife (Study 2017)

Who is the Bride?  This is a big topic today and the answer for many will be simply Israel. However, there is much more to consider when looking at this subject. This study will focus on “the Bride, The Lamb’s wife”…

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Revelations Chapter 6 Study (Matzah 2017)

Revelations 6  is  a Prophecy concerning the beginning of the end for the present system of things.  We go over the evidence of fulfillment in history starting in 1913-1917. This study goes great with the Matthew 24 studies and shows the harmonious prophetic understanding of the Israel of Promise. This was the second study given during Chag haMatzot 2017. The talk was given by Brother Raymond Burghen. enjoy!

The Modern Day Maccabees

This study is a look at the prophecies in Daniel and Revelations and a reflection on what happened during the time of the Greek world power and the uprising of the Yehudah Maccabees and  the faithful Israelites (168–165 BCE). These Faithful warriors of Israel refused to give up the fight for the true worship of YHWH and restored the daily sacrifice and temple in their day.   In Matthew 24:14-16, Yahshua Instructs Israel in the last days of a final “Abomination of Desolation” to come…. So the question is who are the Modern Day Maccabees?

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