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The History of the Chassdim Part 2 (Kingdom Road Radio Show 8/30/17)

In this weeks show humble Torah advocate Don Goodman joins host Joseph Israel for this History of Chassidim (Part2) Kingdom Road Radio show! Our Brother Don takes us on a journey through the Talmudic sources up to the historical time of the Baal Shem Tov. Joseph and Don discuss the world to day and the world in the time of the rise of the great teacher  Rabbi Israel known as the Baal Shem Tov. Enjoy

The Divine Name and New Discoveries by Nehemia Gordon 2 (Kingdom Road Radio 4-5-17)

Leave opinion behind as Hebrew Scholar and Author Nehemia Gordon joins Joseph Israel in this Kingdom Road Radio Series “The Divine Name and New Discoveries” .  Topics discussed in part two are, was the Hebrew language lost? Also, Ancient Hebrew dialects, Paleo Hebrew, the Arabic Wow and encouraging kindness when there is a disagreement about the vocalization of the Divine Name. This show is  full of fascinating information, enjoy!

(2 of a 4 part series)

“Loving Kindness” KINGDOM ROAD RADIO SHOW (2/1/17)

A look at the word Chesed (חֶסֶד) and how to live in Loving Kindness. download and enjoy!

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