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The Feast of YHVH in the 7th Month

This is a Special study looking at the fall Feast of YHVH  for the upcoming 7th month. Yom Teruah (Rosh Hashannah), Yom Ha Kippurim, Sukkot….! We take a quick look at Leviticus 23 and more for those interested. This is to help those understand the basic requirements to keeping these Feast of YHVH.  Please feel free to ask questions concerning this very important subject. May YAH bless all who strive to walk in Torah.

Revelations Chapter 6 Study (Matzah 2017)

Revelations 6  is  a Prophecy concerning the beginning of the end for the present system of things.  We go over the evidence of fulfillment in history starting in 1913-1917. This study goes great with the Matthew 24 studies and shows the harmonious prophetic understanding of the Israel of Promise. This was the second study given during Chag haMatzot 2017. The talk was given by Brother Raymond Burghen. enjoy!