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Interview with Keith Johnson of B.F.A. International on the Kingdom Road Radio Show

Shalom everyone! We are so excited about this amazing show!  Kingdom Road Radio host Joseph Israel is joined by a very special guest  and Brother Keith Johnson of “Biblical Foundations Academy” ( Keith is the author of His Hallowed Name Revealed Again and co-author of A Prayer to Our Father: Hebrew Origins of the Lord’s Prayer. Keith is a dedicated preacher of truth who is “Inspiring people around the world to build a biblical foundation for their faith.”

In this  radio show Keith speaks on the importance of relationship with the Creator of the Universe YEHOVAH, and letting religious lines fade away as we return to the history , language, and context of the Holy Scriptures “THE BOOK”.  It is through understanding the importance of the TANAKH that we  find out who our Heavenly FATHER truly is!  The restoration of the Hebrew language, time of prophecy and  so much more!  They also discus the upcoming RETURN TO THE BOOK CONFERENCE SET FOR AUG. 25-27 in Charlotte NC. For more info got to

This RETURN TO THE BOOK CONFERENCE  is going to be amazing make sure to get your tickets while you can.

This is a show you do not want to miss!! We look forward to your comments and questions from this episode.


Love to all





Independence Day? The 4th of July Celebration? A Biblical Perspcetive…..

Politics and Patriotism ways that people participate in this world beast system. To any of the governments of man, We (The Israel of Promise) pledge no loyalty but remain politically neutral. We reserve our loyalty and service for the Kingdom of YEHOVAH. This Kingdom of YEHOVAH is the only Government truly founded by YEHOVAH, and it is in the process of being permanently established in and on the Earth. This Kingdom of Yehovah is the Promised Restoration of Israel, wherein Yehovah is the King over all the Universe, the Mashiyach Yehoshua is the King of Israel, and the Ancient Prophets of Old ( Daniel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Moshe…) will be Princes in all the Earth (Psalms 45:16) We are warned through the prophets of upcoming events that will shake the world and bring an end to the present world beast system. However The Kingdom of Yehovah that is at hand will last forever and bring blessings to all who desire righteousness.. shalom!

A Reasoning on the Book of Ruth (רוּת)

On Shavuot I took some time late night to share some thoughts on the Book of Ruth. There are many amazing and important teachings in this text. We cover some of them, Enjoy! Looking forward to your comments.

Proper Transliteration of the Tetragrammaton YHVH

I see many people who transliterate the name YHVH or YHWH with a YAH at the front. There is a strong opinion that the Yeho some how losses the YAH. This is incorrect and in this Podcast and Youtube I explain why.

(Transliteration involves rendering a language from one writing system to another.)
Why is it YAH (Short)  and then YEHOVAH (full name) ? it is just as  we see in Gadol (Singular) Turns to Gedolim (Plural).. post questions bellow.. shalom

Passover Special with Tzvi Ben Daniel Kingdom Road Radio Show 4-12-17

Chag Sameach to all.  Enjoy this special Kingdom Road Radio  Show with Hebrew Teacher Tzvi Ben Daniel  of  This is a beautiful Interview and Tzvi share’s so Teaching  about going through Trouble and Coming out of Egypt, that Through it all the FATHER YHVH is shaping us all.His personal Testimony of finding Mashiyach in the Land of Israel through prayer and Tanakh study.  Be ready to me moved and filled with Joy!

Happy Biblical New Year! The Chodesh of The AVIV seen in the Land of Israel!

Chodesh of the AVIV!! New Moon Sighted in the Land of Israel! Happy Biblical New year and Chodesh AVIV the month of Freedom! Shana Tova! This is our study! Walking in the Newness of life!

Photo by Yoel HaLevi

“The moon as sighted by myself, 3 of my sons and several of my neighbours from Kiryat Ata, Galilee. Other confirmed sightings have been reported from Giva’at Ze’ev.” Yoel halevi