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The History of the Chassdim Part 1 (Kingdom Road Radio Show 8/23/17)

In this weeks show humble Torah advocate Don Goodman joins host Joseph Israel for this History of Chassidim (Part1) Kingdom Road Radio show! Looking deep in to the Holy Torah to define the word Chesed and from there what it means to be part of the Chassidim. This lays the foundation to the further discussion of the rise of the modern Chassidic Jewish Movement that had its beginnings with the Baal Shem Tov. There are so many pearls of wisdom in this podcast,  may this new series with special guest  Achi Don Goodman bring a better appreciation of the contributions of the Chassidic Movement to Yahadut (Judaism) and  humanity! May  joy, light, understanding, and hope increase  in the heart of all who hear.



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ISAIAH (Yeshayahu) Chapter 49 Study

This is a message from YAHWEH given to us by the prophet Isaiah.  YAHWEH reveals to his people of his purpose to restore Israel and  for Israel to be a blessing and a light to all nations. We learn of the promise that Israel will be His servant who will honor HIM and bring the truth throughout the earth. The is a prophecy to be understood in this time as the promised nation Israel is being called out of all nations. Enjoy!

Part 2