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The History of the Chassdim Part 2 (Kingdom Road Radio Show 8/30/17)

In this weeks show humble Torah advocate Don Goodman joins host Joseph Israel for this History of Chassidim (Part2) Kingdom Road Radio show! Our Brother Don takes us on a journey through the Talmudic sources up to the historical time of the Baal Shem Tov. Joseph and Don discuss the world to day and the world in the time of the rise of the great teacher  Rabbi Israel known as the Baal Shem Tov. Enjoy

The Israel of Promise Haggadah PDF

After many years of Observing Passover, We the Israel of Promise are happy to share our first “Haggadah” with all House of Israel through out the earth.  May this assist in the joy and celebration of this Holy time.

What is a Haggadah? The Haggadah means “Telling”  and is the book that is used during the Seder on Passover eve. This Israel of Promise Haggadah is a simple and easy to follow, meaningful step by step guide to keeping Passover.

The Israel of Promise Haggadah begins with a short introduction study on Passover. Then goes into the 4 Cups  based on the 4 “I wills” (Exodus 6:6-8) or promises of YHVH to His People Israel. We  discuss the slavery of our People Israel in Egypt, the 10 plagues, and the Exodus. We also look at the fulfillment and remember the Death of the Messiah and His Role as the true Lamb of ELOHIM.

Today we see the House of Israel is still in bondage in this world and the promise remains of a greater Exodus to come (Jeremiah 23:7,8). YHVH has begun to call HIS people  to “come out of the world” of sin, of deception, and oppression. To seek the kingdom of YHVH and Live  The Passover is a night of freedom, the setting free of the oppressed. This is a night when we all experience the past, present, and future deliverance.  Tonight is different from all other nights. we hope you will join us on the kingdom road as we celebrate YEHOVAH with the Messiah,  and each other! Chag Sameach

Download and Print for free The Israel of Promise Haggadah PDF

Israel of Promise HAGGADAH

Hebrew Matthew 24:16-31 “Flee to the Mountains” 2

“Then those that are in Yehudah, Flee to the Mountains” Matt. 24:16


“Because then there will be a Great Distress which has not been from the creation of the world unto now and as will not be. Except those days be few, no flesh would be saved; but for the sake of the Chosen those days will be few.” Matt. 24:21,22

We continue to look at this important prophecy Matthew 24. This study is based on the Hebrew Shem Tov Text. This is a very important study for those interested in the great deliverance that will take place in these last days. We go over the Return of the Mashiyach (Messiah) and how will we recognize His Return.. We live is a very special and holy time my brothers and sisters worldwide. May this study be uplifting and up-building to the Children of  YEHOVAH, the House of Faith, The House of Israel! Please post comments and questions.