Revelations 20:1-3 and more

In this study we consider the prophecy in the midst of fulfillment Revelations 20:1-3. Then we take a deep look at what the scriptures really teach concerning satan, The Satan, the devil, and much more. Religious theories and long held superstitions will fade away in the light of the Scripture Truth. enjoy

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2 thoughts on “Revelations 20:1-3 and more

  1. Beautiful and deep study on the subject. It is true that we have used the devil as a scapegoat but in reality, we are responsible for all our actions. We can govern our thoughts, actions and feelings. We can resist evil temptations at any time. the devil cannot force us to sin.
    You mentioned that good and evil existed side by side from the beginning. Hate and love, death and life etc. But we also read in Paul’s writings that death will be the last enemy to be abolished and that all negative stuff will be done away with. Can you reason a little more on this & that scripture in John which says YHVH is light and there is no darkness in HIM.

    1. Amen! thanks for the thoughts and perspective! though “evil”, “hate”, and even “death” will be done away with and “righteousness”, “Love”, and “Life” remain. this is a result of mankind learning their lesson and freely choosing to live upright. The Light exposes all thins, YEHOVAH is all illumination and full Truth and so nothing is hidden from HIM

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