Entering The Promise Land (Success and Failure)

In this Study we go into the Torah Portion Shelach | שלח | “Send : Numbers 13:1-15:41.

We look at why the generation with Moshe was unable to enter the promise land and be blessed. Also we look at  the next generation with Yehoshua Ben Nun and  their successful entry into the land of promise. There are many lessons for the Children of Israel  in these scriptures. May the message bring understanding be encouraging to all.

3 thoughts on “Entering The Promise Land (Success and Failure)

  1. This expounds on and connects many topics clearly. It helps bring together the law and grace,..faith without works,etc…Bringing together bits and pieces into a more understandable concise teaching ..This study helps clear some things up for me. I give thanks.

    1. Beautiful!! YAH is good and is working on the hearts of His children to prepare HIS People for blessing beyond Measure!


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