2 thoughts on “Being Content With What You Have (Kingdom Road Radio Show 5/31/17

  1. Something I learned when I was 16 after my mom died was to be content.I was going through depression and the idea that helped me was be thankful I can walk, some people cant,be thankful I can see some are blind,be thankful I can hear some cant,etc. Also money does not buy happiness some rich people are not happy. Also a apartment in America is nicer than some peoples living conditions in other countries. Its all about perspective.I’ve been sick and poor with no financial or moral support,and I’ve learned to be content in that because theres always people who have it worse. Comparison is the thief of joy.

    1. Amen! YAH continue to bless and strengthen you and bless you and family! thanks for sharing your thoughts and some of your experience. Each person choosing to live for YAH and give thanks even through it all, is such an amazing thing. Light brings more light..! Blessed be the Israel Lights! Shalom

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